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Hi, Thanks for visiting, hope you like the pictures. And judging by the traffic and comments, am certainly encourage that folks are liking them. So as a bonus for finding the "about" page, have a bonus picture here you. Even though it's not Disney related, I still think it's pretty fun. And yes, that is right side up.

And for the "about" part of this 'about' page... I created this site for fun, thought I had plenty of pictures I liked alot and thought others might like them too. I've been using alot of the shots from this collection as Desktop backgrounds for quite a while, and after upgrading to a 24" Flatpanel monitor at work, and seeing these images really clear on a really big monitor, really wanted to get them out for people to see. And since I already had Rocket9.net set up for misc personal use, and had spare bandwidth on it, it all really came together.

I put the google ads on here as an experiment to see if this could pay for itself, and because it amused me to no end that it possibly might cover my seven dollars a month I pay for web hosting. Though speaking of the ads, the google ads are ridicously easy to add to a website, if anyone see's this, has their own website, and isn't opposed to ads, you may want to consider Google's adsense program. They're even somewhat interesting as they try to pick ads that best match your sites topic. I'll put a link to them over on the right (yes, it's that's glaring big white button), that if you sign your site through my referral could pay me the first time you get paid, and again as that would really amuse me.

But back to the 'about' stuff... Some of email's I've received have asked if I'm a professional photographer (and including that in here may give any pro's a chuckle), though I'm definitely an amatuer. But as that, I'm still pretty happy with what I'm shooting, and hopefully this will inspire others to shoot more stuff they like. And suppose if anyone reading this (does anyone really read down this far?) has any pictures they'd like to share, think I've still got spare space and bandwidth, and could put up a page of guest pictures (that I like). Hopefully that last parenthetical remark is okay.

Anyways, back to the picture stuff again... I've shot all of these on either a Canon Powershot S40 or Powershot IS3. I used a number of other Canon digital camera's and really like them. Or maybe it's that I'm really use to all the controls on them, and have built up a bias based on that. I like that it works real nice as a straight point and shoot for most use, but has great controls for dropping into full manual mode. I'm probably just about ready for a camera upgrade, but the S40 has worked out really excellent. At last count my personal photo library has about 12,000 images (and that's with me discarding poor shots pretty liberally). I do find that getting unique shots does require being pretty comfortable with all the camera's settings, and properly cleaning up the image once it's in the computer. For anyone looking to learn more about this, I'd recommend checking out the book Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long. When I was looking to learn more about digital photography this was the only book that had good information cover to cover. Every other book I had seen had a few good tips, and lots of filler. And yes, that's an Amazon referral (which again could pay me, and again cause that would be funny to me).

And as for why Disney... we don't leave anywhere near any of the Disney parks, but somehow keep finding our way there, and have found that taking lots of pictures there is fun, and great souvenirs of the trip. Have probably been to the Florida parks on about twenty different trips (of various lengths) since they've opened, and Disneyland thrice.

Also, while you're here, besides the shots on my other "Main" Site, Rocket9.net you may also like some of my Pinball show shots at: Pinball.Rocket9.net .











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Yeah, more fine print here too! All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone... who else would be commenting here? Don't blame me if you end up shooting lots more pictures than you thought you should. Is this the same fine print as one of the other pages? Hmm, will have to check. Though if anyone notices this, don't try to call me the one with too much time on my hands.







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